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Meet our Swimmers!


Our swimmers were asked some questions to help you get to know them better. Here is a selection of their (anonymous!) responses!

1) Age (we have a wide range of ages among our squads)

We have swimmers from 7-19; and that doesn't include our masters swimmers who go up to 70+! Many of them have been swimming for a number of years and have worked up from having Synchro Stage 8 lessons, to being in the National Squads and swimming in the annual competitions such as National Age Groups, National Champs and Combo Cup. Some swimmers prefer to swim in the development squads and focus on local competitions. One thing's for sure; whatever you want from synchro (fun, fitness, friendship, competition) there's a squad for you in City of Leeds Synchronised Swimming Club!

2) What is the best thing about Synchro?

Synchro can be tough! Synchronised swimmers have stamina second only to long-distance runners; and flexibility that is only beaten by gymnasts! All that takes work! But something keeps our swimmers coming back to training week after week, so we thought we'd ask them what it is. Here is what they said...

  • Being part of a team, and being able to make some good friends

  • Learning new moves and getting them right

  • You get to compete with your friends and socialise with other people that you have never met before

  • Being part of a team, and being able to achieve things as one team

  • Learning new skills

  • Teamwork

  • Performing routines with my squad of synchro friends

  • It's fun (mostly!) - you often get something out of it that you would never have thought; for example I can now do oversplits when before I couldn't even do splits, and you make amazing friends and have a good laugh...

  • Learning how to do cool figures and meeting cool new people.

  • Team spirit

  • My friends and routines

  • Meeting friends

  • Teamwork

  • You get to have experiences that you would never have without synchro

  • I enjoy lifts because it shows how strong we are when we all work together

  • It's something totally different from school; there's a different group of people of mixed ages and we all accept each other and we've all got the same goal

There's some definite themes here! 

3) Tell us something  random about you....

These were the ones we could tell you about! Our swimmers are certainly a mixed bunch!

  • I have a lucky four leaf clover that I take to competitions

  • It took me 6 months before I could put my face under water when I was learning to swim at 5 years old!

  • I can play the harp

  • When I try to teach my brother synchro, it's hilarious! (Don't tell him but he's actually great at lifts!)

  • I love chocolate

  • My favourite colours are yellow and blue (so this is the team for me!)

  • I'm a first year university student 

  • I once did 100 burpees for a bowl of ice cream

  • I play the flute which helps my counting in synchro

  • I have designed and made synchro costumes

  • (and my personal favourite...) Ever thought how weird it would be if Koalas were in charge? I think climate change wouldn't be a problem as Koalas wouldn't allow deforestation....

After hearing all that..... why wouldn't you want to be a part of this!

From a Swimmers Perspective!

Tilly - Ex Member Now Coach

At 9 years old I competed at my first NAG's and was given a letter to attend England Talent Trials the weekend after. I have had so much support from the scheme/club due to me having to attend such big events at a young age. In 2019 I was selected to be part of the England Talent Age Group Team coached by 2 International former athletes and we competed t the FINA youth world championships held in Slovakia.

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