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City of Leeds Club Philosophy

Our club philosophy is to build a culture of learning, professionalism, commitment, challenge and independence.


We champion a positive, respectful and hardworking attitude, the ability to work as a team and appreciate each team member, in order for each individual to become the best synchronised swimmer they can be.


We hope that this will not only help support all athletes in becoming the best synchronised swimmer they can be, but will also develop life skills that will serve them in their future lives beyond synchronised swimming.


Our coaches support our philosophy by

  • Championing best efforts (concentration, positive attitude, work ethic and trying to achieve the best outcomes from each training session)

  • Communicating effectively with athletes and parents

  • Providing opportunities for independent learning

  • Providing an environment for learning and challenge and

  • planning, reflecting and evaluating training and competitions.


Our athletes support our philosophy through

  • Commitment to attendance and their own best efforts

  • Championing best efforts in their peers

  • Communicating effectively with their coaches and

  • Being open to and ready for learning and challenge.

Our parents and carers support our philosophy through

  • Encouragement and support of their children

  • Championing of best efforts

  • Commitment to attendance

  • Communication with athletes and coaches; and

  • Support for independent learning

“We are supportive"
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