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Whatever your age or ability, we have a squad for you!

As you learn and develop, you can progress through the squads at your own pace!

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Synchro Lessons

Typically 30 mins per week training

This is where most swimmers start their synchro journey, learning Stages 8-10 in Synchronised Swimming

Lessons are available at most local authority Leisure Centre Pools, and can be booked via reception.​

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Entry Squads

Typically 1 hour per week training

You'll learn all the basics in an Entry squad, and develop your core synchro skills like 'skulling' and 'eggbeater'.


You'll also start to learn some of the fundamental positions in synchro, such as 'Ballet Legs' and 'Verticals'.

These squads work towards synchronised swimming grades 1. 

There are optional opportunities to introduce swimmers to a competition environment at our local events and synchro festivals

Talent ID Squad

Up to 3 hours per week training

Swimmers in TID squad will largely be 12 & U athletes with the potential to achieve Grade 1,2 and 3 within the next 2 years (dependant on age when joining)

These swimmers will work towards regional, multi regional and national competitions in free team, combination and figures. 

Talent IS timetable.png
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Development Combo Squads

Up to 6 hours per week training

Swimmers in our development squads are grouped according to age. This squad works towards national grades, and has the opportunity to compete in Regional and County competitions in the combination and figure events. There is also an opportunity to compete at the Swim England National Combo Cup.

Squad members are grouped based on year of birth into: 12&U, 13/15, 15&U, 13/18 & 15/18 dependant on numbers and competition conditions.

Development Combo Timetable.png
National 1

Up to 12 hours per week training

Typically 12 years & under, having achieved Grade 3, or ability to achieve within 6 months.


These swimmers will work towards Regional, Multi-Regional & National Competitions in Free Team, Combo and Figures

National 1 timetable.png
National 2

Up to 15 hours per week training

13-15 swimmers, and 15+ swimmers with the correct figures for their age


These swimmers will work towards Regional, Multi-Regional & National Competitions in Free Team, Combo and Figures

National 2 timeable.png
National 3

Up to 19 hours per week training

Invited by coaches to train in duet or solo

13-15 swimmers

15+ swimmers

with correct figure for age in silver category

Compete in Regional, Multi-Regional, National & Internal Competitions Free Team, Combo, Figures, Duets and Solos

National 3 timetable.png
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Our small but growing Masters squad trains weekly, 11am on Sunday at JCCS


Swimmers of all ages and ability are welcome!

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