The great thing about synchro is that all you need to start is a swimming costume and a pool!

But as your training progresses, and you move into the Regional squads or higher. there are a few items of kit that you will need in order to support your training and development.

All City of Leeds kit is available to order - please email with any queries you may have

And don't forget your water bottle! Synchro is thirsty work!


Pool Kit

Skin coloured or clear nose clip (more than one!)

Goggles (you can't wear these for competitions unless they are prescription ones - your coach will tell you how to apply if you need to) 

Plain black costume (needed for grade days and figures at competitions)

Plain white cap (needed for grade days and figures at competitions))

Leeds City Council SSTS black cap (needed for training - your coach will tell you how to buy this)

City of Leeds SSC yellow cap (needed for competition warm-ups)

City of Leeds SSC yellow and blue costume (optional for training, needed for competition warm-ups)

Make sure your name is in all your kit!


Land Training Kit

City of Leeds t-shirt (optional, although the yellow t-shirt is needed for parades and medal cermonies

Plain vest top or t-shirt

Leggings or shorts

Trainers - a must - we don't allow training in bare feet


Training Equipment (all of these can be useful but please ask your coach for more information)

Therabands (mixed colours and thickness)

Two 5 litre bottles
Yoga Mat
Foam roller
Tennis ball