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Coaches and Volunteers

No club can run without a group of committed people from the coaching staff through to behind the scene volunteers. Scroll down to learn about those who keep everything in motion at Leeds Synchro and more about the roles and how to get involved


Meet The Coaching Team

Meet The Volunteers

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Natalie Wood

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 11.33.44.png

Helen Fish

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Mark Young


Kay Atkin

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Lou Dargan & Helen 


Tracy Team Manager.jpg

Tracy Hayes

Team Manager

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Dawn Barnor

Team Manager/Grading Secretary

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Rachel Proctor

Competition Secretary


Fiona Blackstone, Karen Taylor, Lynsi Budd, Freya Taylor, Deanne Ward, Amy Foster, Elizabeth Jones, Jessica Arnold, Kay Atkin, Louise Dargan, Richard Ingham, Victoria Mirfield



We always need help at competitions and events but what are the roles, read below and find out more

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles at Competitions & Events


Collect program and set up microphone and sound system in preparation for the competition


Give instructions of timings starting/finishing for

  • Health and Safety

  • Updates on competition

  • Warm up

  • Figure competition

  • Routine competition

  • Medal ceremonies


Clear away sound system

Caller (Figures)

Attend pre competition meeting to understand role and allocated tasks


Call out figure scores for scorers to record


Help clear away scorer tables after figures


Ensure we keep on track and in order of swimmer.

Caller (Routine)

Attend pre competition meeting to understand role and allocated tasks


Call out routines scores for scorers to record.  These will be passed to you form the score collectors.


Help clear away scorer tables after routines

Clerk of the Course

Field of Play Assistant

See Referee first thing and set up field of play as per their specifications ready for warm up and figure competition


Ensure the following:

  • Judge/scorer refreshments are kept topped up

  • Chairs in the right place for judges

  • Field of play is tidy

  • Clear away after figure competition and set up for routine competition

  • Complete any tasks as per the referee and any poolside official requires

  • Place results on the walls as required


Ensure one person is on the field of play at all times


Help clear poolside as soon as competition is closed.


Ensure the poolside is only accessed by those with appropriate passes.

Figure Video

Attend pre competition meeting to understand role and allocated tasks


WARM UP - Ensure the right swimmers are in the water and keep to the timing


FIGURES - Ensure that no swimmers wear nail varnish or jewelry for competition, lined up ready for figures.  Help swimmers rotate the right way around poolside. Place out figure cards. They need to make sure that the number the swimmer has been allocated actually belongs to the swimmer getting in the water, if that swimmer is not the right one then they must stop the figures in their panel until the swimmer is found, plus they need to let the swimmers know which figure is to be done at that panel they are watching. Place a figure marker out in the center, of where every they put it, for each figure panel.


ROUTINES  - Ensure swimmers are in place and the right order. Ensure that no swimmers wear nail varnish or jewelry, and that the make-up and costumes comply with the rules within the conditions.


PARADE/MEDAL CEREMONIES – ensure all swimmers are in parade order (alphabetical by club)

To video all the figures on a panel.  Once the panel has completed their judging and after confirmation from the referee the videos are to be deleted.


Video playback is used to review by the referee and their assistant as required.


Collect a tablet stand for use during this session.


ALL CLUBS ARE EXPECTED TO PROVIDE A TABLET FOR VIDEOING. A mobile phone is not acceptable for this task.

Medal Ceremonies

  • Collect Results from Chief Scorer/Assistant Chief Scorer

  • Set up podium

  • Arrange medals

  • Pass medals to presenters


Clear away leftover medals and tables at close of medal ceremonies

Music Operator

Set up sound system with announcer on poolside; test music and microphone during warm ups. 


CD’s - Ensure that all clubs bring music to the table during warm up.


Laptop – if using a laptop with pre downloaded music you will need to check the play list and possibly test it


Order and organise music


Tidy away sound system, chairs and tables at the close of competition

Judge and Officials Meals / Officials water

Check with Referee 30 minutes prior to the lunch time due on the timings sheet that figures have gone to plan, then let the catering staff know.


Offer to help those volunteers who cannot leave poolside to collect them some food.


Regularly provide water to the officials on the field of play.  Check with referee when to do so.


  • Attend pre competition meeting to understand role and allocated tasks

Score Card Collectors

  • Collect sheets from chief scorer, place on relevant chairs

  • Sit on poolside during routines near the judges

  • After each routine provide score sheets to the chief scorer as soon as possible, in the order required.

Spectator Entries and Programs

Set up a table and chair on the balcony near the spectator entry door.

Collect programs and float.

Swimmer Registration

  • Set up a Swimmer Registration Table


  • Collect a program to register swimmers

  • Note any withdrawals

  • Confirm they are still swimming solos/duets)

  • Once completed (as soon as the end time of registration is reached) provide to Chief Clerk of Course on poolside.  Note with importance any withdrawals and that they are provided to the Chief Clerk of Course BEFORE competition starts.

  • Check the swimmers log book against entries.

  • Complete the log book for all swimmers, log books to go back to team manager

  • Clerks, scorers and referees/Assistant referees need to know any withdrawals before the start of the competition


  • Check if there is a second registration for combinations and ensure you are ready for arrival of athletes.


  • Ensure table and chairs used a tidied away. 


  • Set up timekeeper chairs as per the plan

  • Collect stopwatches and timekeeping recording sheets

  • During competition note any timing issues with the referee as soon as the routine finishes.

VIP/Guest Care

  • Meet and Greet VIP

  • Sit with them in the stands

  • Explain the competition and sport

  • Show them to officials lunch

  • Guide to medal ceremonies if required


  • If you wish to train as a judge please let us know

  • Judges are required at competitions and grade days. There are different levels of judging qualification that can be achieved

  • Swim England DBS and Safeguarding required

Team Manager

  • Swim England DBS & Safeguarding required

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